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Energy saving and faster cooking times


For all your heating and cooking needs


LPG for heating, melting, welding needs


Forklifts, cars and light motor vehicles. We do conversations


Attention Farmers

Consumption of LPG by farms in the US has increased substantially over the passed 15 years. LPG’s cost-efficiency and reliability helps farmers keep productivity high and operating costs down.

Crop Drying

Drying is a process that prevents the deterioration of perishable crops and allows for handling, transport, and storage of food products for sale outside the community where they are grown.


  • Space conditioning for farmhouses and outbuildings
  • Farm house hold appliances such as water heaters, clothes dryers, and kitchen stoves
  • Heating greenhouses, storage tanks, poultry and pig brooders
  • Crop heating for frost protection in groves and orchards

Power Generation

  • Farm machinery like generators, processing equipment and irrigation pumps
  • Farm vehicles (cars, trucks, tractors, forklifts)