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World Focus offers a full supply chain management service, from refinery gate to end-user approach. Assistance is ensuring that the customer’s business is technically astute for on-site storage and that such facilities equipment and accessories meet the highest safety standards prescribed by regulation.
  1. LPG
  2. Installation
  3. Repairs
  4. Safety Checks
  5. Conversions


Our delivery fleet consists of a1.3 ton, a 4 ton and an 8 ton vehicle for local deliveries.

After Sales Service

We at World Focus LPG believe a true test of our great customer service must be measured by our after sales customer satisfaction. A fair reflection would be a repeat customer constantly growing their business with us.


Our team has the relevant marketing, technical knowledge and experience which gives us a valuable competitive edge over others in various sectors in which we are active. We are all committed to providing a high level of service to our wide range of customers while we maintain a family-orientated work environment. All of our staff is fully trained and compliant to ensure the safe and sustainable use of LPG in the areas which we operate.


Our customer portfolio includes re-sellers, domestic, industrial, commercial, chemical plants and the agricultural sector. Through a dedicated network of our own fleet, or our customers option of their own collection ensures timeous supply, whilst simultaneously passing on cost benefits to them, which serves to enhance their bottom line.

It is part of our corporate culture for employees to learn as much as is possible about our customers, their operations, values and uses of our product. As we build a progressive, mutually beneficial relationship with our customers, so too is this vision entrenched in our relationship with our suppliers. This philosophy, we believe adds growth and value to our customers.


The company prides itself on the integrity of our business dealings, which include customers and suppliers alike. Key to our operations is planning lead times with refineries to optimize "on­ time" deliveries to our customers.

Our corporate culture also prescribes a clear and involved understanding of the nature of our suppliers business. That these dealings of integrity and respect allow for a backward and forward integration of supply, ensuring inventory optimization for both the customer and us. This allows for efficiency of supply, further enhancing great customer service.

Subsequently we have expertly mastered the art of acquiring LPG, its associated services and inventory management. This adds value to the entire supply chain management, with some of the greatest cost benefits derived by our customers and end-users in mind.


Integrity, honesty, and Respect, are the pillars of our culture and business philosophy. We believe in providing a quality product at competitive prices. Our business practices are fair and legal.

We deliver on our word, "OUR WORD IS OUR HONOUR.” We also realize that relationships with our customers and suppliers alike are built on maintaining the highest moral, ethical and legal standards, whilst being nurtured by fair business practices.

World Focus LPG is mindful of the "arena" in which it operates .Our product meets the highest specification and simultaneously ensures that health and safety standards are adhered to protecting our social community and our customers.

Socio-Economic Responsibilities

Support of Education and rural upgrade projects within Underprivileged Communities